Strix Nebulosa Performer

Hi ! My name is Mel, aka Strix Nebulosa.

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I am an insured fire performer and flow artist based in the West of Ireland, available for your events (weddings, birthday parties, festivals, gigs...). I discovered the art of fire spinning a few years ago through my first prop, called rope dart. Since then, I have gotten quite the collection of different fire props, and it keeps on getting bigger.. I have truly fallen in love with fire.

Previous to that, I was already a performer. Pole dancing had been a passion of mine for quite a few years when I started performing on stage, winning my first competition (Pole Theatre Ireland Amateur Drama). I still perform on the pole with The Dirty Circus, or for festivals such as Electric Picnic, Body & Soul and Battle for the Lake. I love creating acts that bring flow arts to the pole, especially with LED props. I have my own universe, although I like exploring new styles and creating new acts !

I will be delighted to discuss any project you may have, may they be performances for an event or a even a photo/video collab. I am also available for rope dart workshops ! I am mostly based in Mayo and Galway but can travel.

Looking forward to creating with you,


Strix Nebulosa Performer - Insured fire dancer

The usual questions !

Saturday, May 22, 2021

  • What does Strix Nebulosa mean ?

I often get asked why I chose this stage name...